Jeff.Li, Herbei, Chinese people. the pursuit of individual character, like is different. Gave up the state-owned enterprises of the “iron rice bowl” in 2002, he alone opened the 1st mobile phone beauty shop in Beijing, China in 2002, created the cell phone beauty industry.Was founded on September 9 DAQIN custom phone case chain headquarters, also which is the first custom phone case chain enterprises in the 14 years process,

Jeff.Li’s team made the best custom mobile phone case machine and product, fulfilled dreams of millions of entrepreneurs in the custom mobile phone case field. By mobile phones sticker entrepreneurs known as “king of phone beauty”.There are currently over 3000 franchisees.

Jeff.Li ‘s Dream: “DAQIN, As a non-mobile phone maker. Let’s everyone in the world own a customized mobile phone, and Let humans redefine the value of mobile phone”.


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