What happens if you stop doing SEO?
The ugly truth is that it’s hard to reverse momentum once a website starts going in the wrong direction.
Often, businesses want to stop and start SEO.
Some feel that taking a break won’t cause any issues.
But when a client suggests taking a break, you can explain the details of what will happen.
If you stop posting content correctly
When you stop publishing content, the following things happen:
You stop targeting new terms consistently. This results in fewer new keyword rankings and new traffic.
您将停止始终定位新术语。 这导致更少的新关键字排名和新流量。
You stop creating new pages that can be linked to, and the number of links you earn goes down.
You stop capturing new visitors to add to your remarketing audiences, email list and push notification list.
You stop generating content that can be used to create hub pages, which are master pages that link to all other pages on the topic. These often rank very well.
您将停止生成可用于创建中心页面的内容,这些页面是链接到该主题的所有其他页面的母版页。 这些通常排名很好。
You stop generating content that gets shared on social media, and thus, generates social media shares and traffic.
You stop encouraging people to return to your website for new posts. This reduces your branded searches, which are an indicator of quality to Google.
您不再鼓励人们返回您的网站发布新帖子。 这样可以减少您的品牌搜索,这是Google质量的指标。
Overall, if you stop creating content, it says to Google that your website is no longer as active as it was and thus beginning the process of dying a slow death.